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Financial Leadership in Practice is intentionally designed to be offered in partnership with coordinating organizations. It has been offered by:
  • Regional Capacity Building Agencies
  • Community Foundations
  • National Collaboratives
If you are in the practice of bringing organizations together for leadership and professional advancement, please contact us for details.


National Association of Counties - 2014 Achievement Award for Montgomery County DHHS FIRM Program

financial leadership in practice

What capacity does your organization have to ask, answer, and deliberate the following question?

Are the assets the organization shepherds being invested effectively and efficiently to advance the organization’s intended community outcomes in a way that is viable today and into the foreseeable future?

Orgforward talks about this as fiduciary capacity. As an organization, this question needs to be asked, answered, understood, and responded to consistently and continuously.

Orgforward's flagship Financial Leadership programs are designed to build individual comfort, competence, and confidence engaging with this line of fiduciary inquiry. It is designed to unlocked the power of financial systems and processes as strategy, evaluation, and leadership development efforts that improve an organization's ability to successfully create community change. 

By tying the financial, programmatic, operational, and leadership efforts of an organization together, we develop a richer understanding of the organizations we serve, the benefit of our work in the community, and we ensure that we are accounting for and allocating community assets in ways that contribute to effectively fulfilling our outcomes today while also reinforcing our sustainability moving forward.

about the approach and curricula
Working in partnership with community support organizations, capacity building intermediaries, financial consultants, and leadership coaches, Orgforward has spent the last decade developing its flagship financial leadership curricula, It is a unique approach to building financial leadership capacity within community benefit organizations.

By bringing together board members, senior staff, and financial practitioners, the program engages participants in active learning, exploring the strategy, context, infrastructure, and engagement needed to leverage financial systems and processes for greater organizational and community benefit. 

The curricula areas addressed throughout the workshops, seminars, and organizational coaching include:

  • Building a functional understanding of fiduciary capacity and what it means for an organization and the people who contribute to organizational leadership
  • Identifying the context for financial leadership success and benefit to an organization's ability to advance its community benefit (aka impact) 
  • Deepening the understanding of how financial literacy and management should contribute to and support vision and mission execution throughout an organization
  • Building financial leadership teams that include governance, programmatic, operational, and financial voices
  • Developing strategies that improve financial literacy and strategic conversations across an organization
  • Examining the financial architecture and planning needed to support strategic thinking and effective business modelling for accountability and sustainability
  • Improving financial communication, clarifying the role financial reporting plays in evaluating organizational effectiveness and efficiency in achieving mission and vision goals
  • Developing compelling narratives that illustrate both the financial and community benefit success of an organization (Return on Mission)
  • Evaluating organizational integrity and risks to sustainability
intended audiences 
The greatest benefit is to organizations that are able to commit a team of leaders to the program. Recommended team members include Treasurer or Board Chair, Chief Executive (Executive Director), and the senior finance staff/volunteer member (CFO, COO, finance director, office manager – depending on organization structure and staffing). Senior program staff and/or volunteers can also benefit from being part of the team and participating in the program. What is most important is to have members that can influence their peers at the board, staff, and financial team levels of the organization. We have found that the broader the representation from the organization, the greater the outcomes for participants and the organizations they represent.

outcomes & take-aways
Participants actively work with their leadership team and other peers to develop strategies for implementing change to strengthen the financial systems, processes, and communications that support organizational success. Each organizational team works on a Financial Leadership Action Planning Guide throughout the seminar, leaving with clear action items and/or next steps to take within the organization(s) they represent. Participating organizations leave with a workbook and resource guide including copies of the presentation, seminar worksheets, relevant handouts, a financial leadership action planning guide, and a listing of relevant resources and articles.

program adaptation
The curriculum is intended to be progressive in nature with all sections acting interdependently. However, there is flexibility in the design to allow modifications and inclusion of appropriate materials and/or presentations by partnering agencies.

Currently versions of the program include:

  • 2-Day Comprehensive Seminar with follow-up coaching for each participating organization team
  • 2-Hour Target Workshops on specific tools (Matrix Map, Outcomes Screening Matrix, Dashboards)
  • 1-Day Audience Targeted Seminars (Emerging/New Organizations, Program Directors/Managers, Board Members)

For more information, please contact us and feel free to explore workshop materials in our presentation archive