Claudia Schechter:  Claudia serves as faculty for Orgforward's Financial Leadership Education programs. She is a co-creator of the curriculum and a member of the facilitation team. Claudia’s consulting philosophy: “Over the past 15 years, new tools and strategies have brought a better understanding of the need for financial sustainability and broad development to nonprofit organizations. With dedicated boards and staffs, nonprofits rarely lack good ideas. But implementing growth strategies taxes stretched resources. I work with nonprofits to help them use the tools at hand and those I have developed in my own nonprofit experience to cost-effectively manage the growth they envision.” Since 2001, Claudia has provided strategic financial consulting through referrals by funders and word of mouth. She also helps public lands agencies and their nonprofit partners begin and enhance their partnerships. Claudia served as the CFO and COO of the National Park Foundation and helped build several nationally known nonprofits over 40 years. She also served Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt as Director of Operations for the Department of the Interior.