Responsibility is clear:

Ensure that the organization acquires and allocates resources to effectively and efficiently fulfill its vision in a sustainable manner.

Execution is where it gets challenging!

Successful boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is no "best model." But there is an approach and orientation that productive boards share.
  • Knowingly or not, strong boards are driven by a commitment to organizational effectiveness and sustainability and are deliberate in determining the role board members play in pursuit of that goal.

  • Effective boards understand that the role as a fiduciary body is to ensure that the governance functions are effectively carried out with the overarching goal of fulfilling mission and maintaining organizational sustainability.
Orgforward embraces the idea that governance is advanced not by checking off the list of governance tasks to be done, but by embracing the above mentioned responsibility and developing an awareness and understanding of organizational sustainability. With the aide of this lens, board members approach their work and engage in inquiry that:
  • encourages forward motion; 
  • strengthens their understanding of the organization and its resources; 
  • and, clarifies the role(s) they need to take on in order to advance the effective governance needed to sustain the organization.
Through workshops, facilitated retreats, consultations, strategy development, and coaching, Orgforward works with board members to encourage sustainability thinking and better understand and execute their collective fiduciary role so that they are truly governing for what matters most.
"There are things that we know that we know - and there are things that we know that we don't know - but the universe is packed full of the things that we don't know that we don't know!" 
Anonymous Scientist