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Strategy is the deliberate design and execution of a business model that leads to vision advancement and mission fulfillment.  Orgforward  uses a Community Benefit Based strategy and planning approach. 

Sustainability is an orientation or lens leaders use to understand and assess the present and future viability of a given strategy.

Both require leaders to fully understand the systems and fundamental models that interact within their organization, specifically in the realms of leadership, programs, finances, and operations. Building a foundation for sustainability requires paying particular attention to how ALL these realms interact to successfully contribute to effective mission fulfillment and organizational longevity.

Sustainability in each area is defined as followed:

Leadership Sustainability: The ability to identify, recruit, cultivate, and assess the leadership necessary to develop strategy, carry out mission, and make decisions that lead to vision fulfillment

Programmatic Sustainability: The ability to develop, mature, and eliminate programs to ensure efficacy, mission alignment, and furtherance of vision fulfillment*

Asset Sustainability: The ability of the organization’s business model to attract and allocate resources to meet current mission fulfillment needs while establishing a foundation for the future*

Infrastructure Sustainability: The ability to establish infrastructure and enact policies and procedures that support effective mission fulfillment, mitigate risk, mitigate risk, ensure efficient operations, and support succession

Through training, facilitation, assessment, business modeling, and coaching Orgforward works with you to explore short and long term strategies for improving organizational sustainability

 * programmatic and financial sustainability definitions are modified from the work of Jeanne Bell, Jan Masaoka, and Steve Zimmerman - "Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decision for Financial Viability"
- Thanks for the articulation and inspiration!
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