financial & fiduciary capacity institute

Orgforward's flagship financial leadership program, is a unique approach to building fiduciary capacity within community benefit organizations. Bringing together leaders including board members, senior staff, and financial practitioners, the program engages participants in active learning, exploring the strategy, infrastructure, communication, and assessment needed to leverage financial management for greater organizational and community benefit. 

benefits: As a result of the learning, discussions, and planning, you can expect the following
  • Leadership conversations and decisions at the board and staff level that are focused on organizational outcomes and sustainability, not simply financial viability 
  • Compelling narratives that illustrate both the financial and community benefit success of your organization 
  • Budget planning approaches that are strategic, produce realistic estimates, and engage staff & board to ensure everyone understands what it takes to achieve your outcomes
  • Financial reporting practices that provide appropriate information and feedback for holding discussions and making decisions about strategy and management 
  • Guidelines for strong budget templates, useful accounting system structures, and informative reporting formats that foster understanding, awareness, and accountability 
  • Tools for planning, making strategic decisions, and evaluating effectiveness AND efficiency together (aka – linking money and mission) 
whom is it good for: If you are at the point where you are asking any of the following questions and interested in investing time to answer them, this program may be right for your team
  • How do I get people to understand the link between our finances and the work we do serving the community?
  • What would it take to have more people in the organization feel responsible and accountable for the organization’s finances? – I’m tired of being the only voice!
  • How do I get more people engaged in the budget process so that it is realistic and people are invested in it?
  • How can I get all our financial data to tell a better story about the return we get on our investments?
  •  What will help us understand what we need to invest in and whether we are efficient in how we use our limited resources?
  • How do we produce reports and dashboards that really help people understand how we are doing and where we stand so they can offer ideas and make good decisions?  
0utcomes & take-aways: Participants actively work with their leadership team and other peers to develop strategies for implementing change to strengthen the financial systems, processes, and communications that support organizational success. Each organizational team works on a Financial Leadership Action Planning Guide throughout the seminar, leaving with clear action items and/or next steps to take within the organization(s) they represent. Participating organizations leave with a workbook and resource guide including copies of the presentation, seminar worksheets, relevant handouts, a financial leadership action planning guide, and a listing of relevant resources and articles.

program adaptation:The curriculum is intended to be progressive in nature with all sections acting interdependently. However, there is flexibility in the design to allow modifications and inclusion of appropriate materials and/or presentations by partnering agencies.

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Financial & Fiduciary Capacity Institute is intentionally designed to be offered in partnership with coordinating organizations. It has been offered by:
  • Regional Capacity Building Agencies
  • Community Foundations
  • National Collaboratives
If you are in the practice of bringing organizations together for leadership and professional advancement, please contact us for details.

partnering agencies
(current and past)

Nonprofit Montgomery & Montgomery County MD Dept of Health and Human Services

NeighborWorks America

Center for Nonprofit Excellence (VA)

Dan River Network (VA)