vibrant, healthy communities where everyone is treated with dignity, is able to engage, and
experiences equitable quality of life outcomes

core belief 

people who intentionally and deliberately work to deepen their own understanding of their community and what it takes to create community benefit, and view and develop strategy, leadership, assets, and infrastructure through that lens, make strong decisions that lead to successful and sustainable organizations 


partnering with agents of community change to create learning opportunities that advance leadership and develop strategies that make leaders and the organizations they serve more effective in advancing community benefit. Orgforward also actively engages with other capacity builders to continuously improve our collective work and the work of the sector


to foster the greatest potential for success

everyone is a partner in this process and will be treated with respect, dignity, honesty, and compassion

all decisions and actions are subject to explanation and examination when a path is not apparent, it demands humility, honor, and more attention, not less

the focus is forward on what we will make possible and how we will do it

the work 

Orgforward provides training, facilitation, consultation, and coaching to organizations and agencies working to improve our communities and the lives of people. Orgforward engagements focus on creating receptivity to change and providing tools to help that happen. The goal is to deepen the understanding of organizational sustainability so that board members, staff, and volunteers clearly understand an organization's vision; can articulate a clear mission strategy; know what it takes to successfully accomplish the mission; and make decisions that support effectiveness today and an organizational presence tomorrow 


Justin Pollock is principal and founder of Orgforward. Working with agencies and capacity builders to develop strategies that encourage meaningful community benefit and organizational sustainability, he focuses on strengthening the connection between vision and the organizational leadership, programming, finance, and infrastructure needed to be effective. Supporting organizational leaders with what they need to effectively govern and operate the organizations they serve is the priority.

Before launching Orgforward, Justin served in a key leadership role as Chief Operating Officer for Maryland Nonprofits. Justin has trained and presented to board, staff, and volunteers from hundreds of organizations and government agencies ranging from small start-ups to large well-established businesses on topics of governance, financial management, strategic planning, supervision, leadership development, and organizational sustainability. He has more than 20 years of experience in the education and nonprofit fields with an extensive background in the areas of leadership development, organizational management, group process facilitation, curriculum development, team-building, and facilitator/trainer development. Justin's career also includes work in the technology field, classroom education, and experiential, outdoor learning.

Justin holds a dual B.A. in Organizational Theory and Environmental Studies from Pitzer College and a Curriculum and Teacher Education from Stanford University.


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