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values + design + strategy

advancing our collective capacity to create and sustain
vibrant, healthy communities where
everyone is treated with dignity, is able to engage, and
experiences equitable quality of life outcomes

areas of engagement


confidence & competence

creating change

People create change!
The actions that individuals take day in and day out lead to what comes next for us and others. Orgforward invests in supporting people's competency, comfort, and confidence in making decisions and taking actions that lead to the collective outcomes they envision for their lives, their peers, the organizations they serve, and the communities they live in.

    • ​"Leadership" is internal;

    • It is disposition and skills;

    • It is the ability to identify a change you want to see in the future, determine what it will take to engage others in making that change a reality, and then taking the iterative steps that create those conditions.

Anyone can do this!
And the better you get at it, the more people will engage with you and the more change that will occur as a result of your efforts. You don't need power, position, or responsibility (but be careful, you might get some...)

organizational leadership

values alignment


strategic design

Organizational leadership capacity is the confluence of the individuals, the systems, the strategies, and the collective culture that are present within an organization - each of which can be developed with intentionality to ensure people within the organization thrive and the community is better off as a result of the organizational efforts.

Whether it is embodied in a charismatic executive or distributed throughout the organization, organizational leadership capacity needs to be clear and appropriate for getting board members, staff, volunteers, and community members to willingly engage, as a team, in the challenge of advancing community benefit.

Organizations (as a collection of people) benefit from the opportunity to reflect on the leadership needed to strengthen the pillars of sustainability and ensure that the right leadership is tapped to navigate the organization forward.


fiduciary capacity


strategic budgeting

Financial leadership is about building people's competence, confidence, and comfort as fiduciaries of an organization. Orgforward supports leadership conversations and decision making that focus on how effectively and efficiently an organization is investing its valuable financial and non-financial assets to achieve sustainable community benefit.

We do this by building fiduciary capacity across the organization.

In short, we improve people's ability to continuously ask and answer the key fiduciary question:

Is the organization effectively & efficiently acquiring & investing assets to advance community benefits in a manner that is aligned with our values and sustainable over time?

Financial systems and management shifts from being something based on oversight and transactional integrity to a strategy, evaluation, and leadership development process that improves an organization's ability to successfully create community change.

the art of sensemaking

Orgforward partners with people who are working to advance community benefit by creating
learning opportunities that advance leadership and develop
approaches that make people and the
organizations they serve more effective in advancing
the beneficial community outcomes they desire

values integrity
design thinking

Orgforward helps articulate the values, assumptions, and models that shape an organization's culture, decision making, and strategy - strengthening leadership capacity, alignment, and organizational effectiveness




Orgforward focuses on creating informative and engaging learning that builds confidence, competence, and comfort by broadening understanding, increasing inquiry, and connecting ideas

*both online and in-person


Orgforward works with you to get the most out of your valuable time together by

    • articulating goals;

    • keeping focus; &

    • engaging group members

the driving factors

desired outcome

people are contributing to leadership that shapes agencies and organizations in ways that advance our community capacity to create a healthy, vibrant world where everyone is treated with dignity, is able to engage, and experiences equitable quality of life outcomes


desired outcomes, beliefs, values, and assumptions are the most powerful determinants of organizational behavior
organizations are simply a means of organizing people to act collectively around what we value and believe about our communities
articulating, examining, and understanding our desired outcomes for people in our communities and what it takes to honestly advance those outcomes for all affected allows us to design and operate organizations that successfully contribute to healthier, vibrant communities where everyone thrives


everyone is a partner in this process and will be treated with respect, dignity, honesty, and compassion
all decisions and actions are subject to explanation and examination
when a path is not apparent, it demands humility, honor, and more attention, not less
the focus is forward on what we will make possible and what it truly takes for us to make the possibility a reality