(FLIP) Financial Leadership in Practice - Dan River Nonprofit Network, April 2022
This page contains all of the materials associated with the April/May 2022 Financial Leadership in Practice Series.

For digital note taking: These documents have been set up in MSWord format to allow you to download and enter notes directly into the handouts. Follow the links on the device you intend to take notes on and then download the document once the page loads.

Slide Notepad:
Slides in editable MSWord file

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Slide Deck Note Pad (DRN FLIP).docx

Discussion & Planning Guide
(1 per organization)

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DRN FLIP 2022 Org Financial Discussion Guide.docx

Supporting materials: The following are PDF versions of presentation and session materials.

FLIP 2022 SLIDES.pdf

Slides Full Size

1 slide/page

Slide Deck 3-Up.pdf

Slides 3-Up

3 slides/page

CNE FLIP Case Study.pdf

FLIP Case Study

Organizational Capacity Infographic - Orgforward - 2021 v.9.pdf

Organization Capacity Model

DRNN FLIP FlipCharts.pdf

Flip Charts from Session

Follow-Up Tutorial Sessions

strategy outcomes screen

assess program efforts against agreed upon organizational  outcomes based on expected and actual program performance

FLIP Strategy Screen SLIDES 2022.pdf

Strategy Screen Slides

OF Outcomes Strategy Screen.xlsx

Strategy Screen Template

Link to recording -- password is DRNNFLIP2022  (https://youtu.be/2qIjnWW3tpU)

matrix map 

program portfolio assessment and strategic sustainability discussion tool. plots invested effort, financial performance, and mission advancement for each program 

FLIP Matrix Map 2022 SLIDES.pdf

Matrix Map Slides

Matrix Map Example Root2Canopy.xlsm

Matrix Map Excel Template (download)

Link to recording -- password is DRNNFLIP2022

( https://youtu.be/vCj1cyl7IVE)